About me

Alan Kirby HeadshotAlan Kirby has a broad array of professional media experience including:

  • Videographer
  • Photographer
  • Non linear editor
  • Graphic and website designer
  • Advertising executive
  • Audio/video system designer
  • Musician

His credits include:

  • Advertising executive for national television and website campaigns
  • Senior editor for nationally syndicated television shows and commercials
  • Director and system engineer of multi-camera remote recording at coliseum events
  • Film style single camera field shoots on various broadcast formats
  • Design and engineering of TV studio and edit suite systems
  • Non-linear editor
  • Special effects artist including 3D animation
  • Senior online editor utilizing computer edit system and large scale switchers
  • Graphic designer for web sites
  • Web animation
  • Print page layouts
  • Professional keyboard musician for countless large venue events